Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sandy Memories

Everything was wondrous to you. The world just one big play thing to discover. So innocent.

To see you react to the way the sand from the Atlantic tasted as you waited in a tide pool, a remnant of the deep ocean that earlier collided on the rocks further up the embankment, the same ocean I forbid you to play in because it was currently teaming with jelly fish that had also been strewn all along the white sandy beach.

How you played in that tide pool, like it was all yours for the taking. No judgment, just delight.

A plastic purple shovel in your tiny fist. Wet and wild blond curls swaying in the breeze. Tiny granules of sand embedded on your chubby little legs and arms. You were going to conquer the world.

Cautiously you looked to make sure no one was watching, I was. Threw the corner of my eye, I was pretending I didn't notice. When small wonders had you truly amazed you wanted to experience them yourself before letting the world know what you thought. You would shy away if you thought you were being watched. Weary in case I said no.

Looking first and satisfied you were alone to your own deeds, you picked up that sugary sand, white as flour, and stuck it right in your mouth. I had to stifle my laughs, when I saw the expression on your face.

Such wonders bring my mind back to a child's. Watching you made me think to myself those same childish things. Where the moon is made of cheese and the white sandy beaches in Florida are really made of sugar or salt. I was slightly envious that my own inner voice told me NO to tasting it for myself.

For a mere moment I pretended not to see you dip your tiny pink tongue into the palm of your hand to taste the salty sand. I lived threw your expierence as I watched your face turn to acknowledgment when you realised it certianly did not taste like you expected.

I held that laugh, though itcwas hard to contain, and I did as a good parent would do. I told you no, and to get it out of your mouth all with a warm smile of course.

Later and even now thinking back on it, I eventually giggled it off. Its moments like these that make me realise the world has so much to offer and adventures everywhere, even if they are as small as having a taste. Moments with your wild blonde curls and bright blue swimsuit, taking on the world, armored with nothing more then a purple plastic shovel.

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